Removing the filter from your social media

Colour coordinated, polished, perfect✨, FILTERED . These words sound familiar? They might come to mind when you think of social media. 

Unless you have magically managed to keep off social media over the past few years, then you should be well aware of the unrealistic perfection that has been aimed to be achieved on social media for a long, long time… Until recently, the idea of showing imperfection on social media was scary! But… we have FINALLY reached a point where the consumer voice is being heard and a change is happening. And yes this is something to be very excited about! So how will this impact your business on social? 

While once having a squeaky clean 🧼  Instagram was the aim, it is now not only what to avoid but it may even be hindering you. Your consumer wants to feel seen, heard and understood. By not portraying yourself authentically on social media, you run the risk of driving consumers away. The consumer is pushing back on perfection. Raw, unfiltered and genuine is what your business should be in 2022! 

Brand content is now all about being open with your target audience. Did your business struggle because of Covid? Be honest about it, your consumers probably did too and it may encourage them to help support you. Decorated your team members’ desk for their birthday? 🥳 Post it! Show the fun and silly moments in the office, you’ll be surprised how well the content does. It may take some adjustment but soon you’ll see that the more you steer away from perfection on social media, the more you can connect with your consumers.

Since we are encouraging you to completely rethink social media, it is only fair we also give some content suggestions to start off with. 

  • Post your employees. Consumers know you have employees so don’t be scared to show them off on social media. The smaller your business the more you should do this, you have the amazing advantage of being able to introduce each of your team members and show off their unique qualities and quirks. 
  • Jump in front of the camera! 📷 We have said it many times but we will say it again. This type of content is such a valuable way to connect to your consumer. Not only are you putting a face to the brand, but you are capturing valuable content in a simple and genuine way for your consumer. We know it sounds scary, so that’s why we went and wrote a whole blog on how to speak on camera!
  • Customer content > influencers. Content from a customer is one of the best kinds of content you can get. A genuine review, post or story from someone who purchased your product or service holds a lot of value. Take advantage of this content, and whenever you can, re-share it! 

And no, removing this filter isn’t unprofessional. Sitting in sneakers, jeans and a casual shirt while in the office, it would be silly to say that the professional look hasn’t been refreshed. So don’t be scared to let your guard down when it comes to your social media presence as a business. You can have a lot of fun with it, dive deep 🤿 into your brand personality, and see it as an exciting opportunity! 

Take a moment to go over your socials, and if you still have a ‘filter over your social’, strive to remove it; be real with who your business is, be real with your consumers and be real with your team. It’s about time you do!