Our Favourite Superbowl ads 2020

On the first weekend of February in NZ, most of us are relaxing in the sun or heading to the beach. While in the USA, the country all sits down to watch the final of the NFL otherwise known as the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is televised in 130 Countries all over the world and brings in over 100 million viewers worldwide. This massive viewership is gold to advertisers and thus brings forward a host of big companies with new products or new ideas that they want to push to their audience. Super Bowl commercials have almost become as anticipated as the game itself, as companies use it as an outlet for creativity and try their best to become the most remembered ad of the year. Some of the most popular ads this year include the Bud Light seltzer ad, Reese’s Take 5, Amazon Alexa and Doritos Cool Ranch. These ads similar to movie productions have had a lot of thought and creativity put into them and it shows in the final product. They are all incredibly witty, memorable and drum up conversations around the brand.

However these Super Bowl ads come at a costly price. It is reported that a 30 second ad spot in the 2020 Super Bowl would cost the advertiser over $5 Million dollars.

Due to the high cost, advertisers want to make the most of the ad time and spare no resource recruiting the biggest names trying to make their ad as well-known and recognized as possible. This year we saw household names such as Ellen DeGeneres, Lil Nas x, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sam Elliot, Post Malone and many others. This increases the costs for companies, and a large amount of people would say that money would be better spent in other forms of advertising. But in the end, it is priceless having a viral Super Bowl ad that keeps people talking, which helps increase the brand awareness and popularity in the consumer’s eye and in the world of massive companies.

Here are some of our favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl