We all know that video content is taking over social media, but that doesn’t always mean that every single piece of “video” content you post needs to be a video filmed on your camera. Get creative with your social media video content and try creating an animation in Canva!

Step 1:
Log in to Canva, click “create a design”, and search for “Animated Social Media”. Click on this option.

Step 2:
Upload the photo that you would like to animate. Either upload an image with the background already removed, or use the Canva background remover tool (Canva pro license only). Keep the image on a plain colour background.

Step 3:
Once your photo is ready on the first page, duplicate the page.

Step 4:
On the second page, move the photo to how you would like it to move. You could move the image slightly up to make the photo go up and down, slightly to the right to make the photo go side to side, or rotate the image 20 degrees to the right to make the photo rock. I am going to move my photo side to side.

Step 5:
Duplicate the page again and move the photo back to the center (or move the photo down or to rotate back so that it is back to its original position).

Step 6:
Duplicate the page again and move the photo to the left (or move the photo further down or rotate to the left).

Step 7:
Click “grid view” in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 8:
Drag across all 4 pages and then copy and paste until you have 100 pages.

Step 9:
Close grid view, and up the top click where it says “5.0s”- this is where we can change how long each slide is. Change this to 0.1s and make sure to click “apply to all pages”.

Step 10:
Download your creation! You can either download as a GIF file which will loop continuously but you can’t use it on social media (this is more for in websites), or download as an MP4 and use as a Reel or a post on Instagram or Facebook!