Finding the right agency fit for your brand is important. Having spoken to a number of agencies before first chatting with Sarah at Daisy Digital Marketing, Rosanna knew how important this was for her business. Rosanna was looking for a team she could connect with, that “got” what Aroha Love was all about and the heart of the business. Rosanna and Benton came to Daisy Digital in December 2020, with an array of marketing activities they would like to work on for their business – they are business owners, who don’t have time to do everything themselves (or the time to learn everything they want to be doing in their marketing!). The goal was to gain marketing support from Daisy Digital, so that Aroha Love could grow in a sustainable way whilst keeping inline with the essence and authenticity of their brand. 

Aroha Love, established in 2008 and based in Auckland, focuses on offering clients a diverse combination of healing bodywork, facial therapy, ceremony and movement to infuse a greater understanding of the emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Rosanna and Benton, co-owners of Aroha Love, along with the rest of the Aroha Love team, utilise a variety of traditional New Zealand Maori, eastern, western, Central American, Hawaiian and Pacific inspired techniques to heal and restore health and happiness. The super talented team are in hot demand locally and they do wonders for their clients wellbeing. Aroha Love has now expanded to 3 brands; Aroha Love (the core brand), Aroha Candles (hand-poured soy wax candles), and Aroha Eco-Weddings (bespoke weddings, events and celebrations with an eco-friendly focus).

Ensuring that the Daisy Digital team had a clear understanding and feeling for what Aroha Love was all about was an integral part of the relationship, so Sarah, Tayla and Audrey travelled up to Auckland at the beginning of the year to visit the Aroha Love establishment. This visit laid the foundations for a very successful relationship, and allowed us to understand the Aroha Love brand to the fullest extent.

One of the core and ongoing projects that Daisy Digital started on with Aroha Love was developing a cohesive online presence through social media. As a team, we worked with Rosanna and Benton to develop a social media plan for Aroha Love, equipped with a SWOT analysis, Target Market, Brand Voice, 8 Week Plan and a Hashtag Guide. This acted as the building blocks for the social media content that we would put together for managing all three of the Aroha Love brands. Alongside posting on Facebook and Instagram, Audrey worked on a cohesive and compelling Pinterest presence for Aroha Love, increasing brand awareness and enticing new customers with Aroha Love’s beautiful imagery. Since working with Aroha Love on their social media presence, their Facebook engagement increased by 283.75% and their Pinterest engagement increased by 3400%!

The second major project that we undertook was the complete redesign and restructure of the Aroha Eco-Weddings website. Rosanna and Benton felt as though their old site was disjointed. Tayla worked with them and discovered it didn’t have a clear customer pathway, and did not encompass their brand as well as it could. The website was completely stripped back, losing over half of the existing pages (which had made the website overwhelming for potential customers). Instead of being text heavy like the previous website, we focussed on helping the potential customers to envision themselves and their wedding through imagery. To really give clients a feel for the business and show the emotion and passion behind their work in weddings.

The most recent project we have completed is a redesign of the main Aroha Love website. One of Aroha Love’s core goals for 2021 was to focus on their boutique services, and scale back their offerings to a more manageable level that is inline with their brand (because we can’t do it all, right!), therefore the new website design had to portray this change. Tayla worked closely with Rosanna and Benton to create a beautiful new website that reflected the way you feel when you walk in the doors at Aroha Love, focussing on soft colours and movement.

We discovered the wonderful ladies at Daisy Digital in 2020.  We had been given an opportunity and support to engage a marketing team after the first lockdown to assist with the marketing of our small businesses. This included refreshing 2 websites and taking over the management of our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Prior to finding Daisy digital, we had searched in Auckland for a marketing team that would complement our small businesses, and after a few disappointing responses, and not feeling understood, we decided to look outside of Auckland. We found the Daisy Digital website and just kept going back to it, they somehow resonated and we loved the work they have showcased on their website. We decided to contact Sarah at Daisy and the rest is history. 

The team came to Auckland from Matamata to spend the best part of a day with us and to get a feel for our work and for us as individuals. We thought this was awesome, and we connected with the team straight away.

From the initial contact with Sarah everything just flowed seamlessly.  The whole team at Daisy are so personable, creative, intelligent, professional and just get what we want and offer ways that we can do it. Tayla came up with some really refreshing ideas, suggestions and themes for our websites and we really enjoyed the process of working with her on these projects. She is highly responsive, understands how unique we are as a business and, we feel that she has captured the essence of who we are and what we are all about perfectly. That is no easy feat!

Audrey and Eden look after our Facebook and Pinterest accounts and do a great job at keeping our clients and customers informed with all that we are doing and creating. It is amazing to be able to trust in people and just know that they are going to get the job done well.

We feel that the team at Daisy Digital are now an integral part of our extended Aroha whānau.

Rosanna & Benton

Aroha Love

If you haven’t yet checked out Aroha Love and their amazing products and services that they offer, check out their website or follow them on social media!