Heard of Canva?
Honestly, it’s a game changer!
If you’ve already discovered it, then you know what we’re talking about.
If you haven’t, then we highly recommend it for small business design projects, like social media posts.

For those unaware of Canva, it’s an online design tool with so many cool functionalities, and a must use for any business in need of design and content creation – which is most of us right?

You can set up a free account at Canva.com which gives you free access to all areas (well, almost).
There are some design pieces and elements in Canva that come at a very small price, but this is generally for the ‘cooler’ more complex items.   They generally provide a free basic option of most items.

Canva can be used to create invitations, posters, Instagram or Facebook images, business cards – basically anything your creative mind desires in PDF, JPG or PNG form.

How to Canva
Select your design template of choice which will give you the space to get creating (ie. If your wanting to create something for Instagram, it will give you the square template). You can start creating using a blank canvas, or use one of canva’s many pre-designed templates. Then upload your own images, photos, logos, icons if/where needed and get creating!

You’ll find the tool bar down the left hand side and in there you’ll find a library of free images, photos, elements, backgrounds, icons, shapes – most of which are free. However, it’s worth mentioning, Canva has recently done an upgrade making a lot more of their library items now available at a cost. You will see on the images a $ or FREE. For the items that cost, generally they are $1 each and give you access to that library item for a period of time. Some even let you use the image for free unless you want to remove the Canva watermark, then you pay.  But honestly, more often than not, you can find everything you need to use for your design for free. The free item options aren’t too limiting and there’s so much you can do!

Right so, once you’ve created design, you can download it in your chosen format and Canva will then save the design as a template, which means should you wish to update the design or edit at a later date, you can jump back into your design to continue editing. Or perhaps you want to create a series of images for Facebook that are all very similar, create your first one, download (which effectively saves it as one your designs) then jump back to the home page, find the design and ‘Make a copy’.

Here’s a few extra little tips

  • Can’t find the free images you want in Canva? Find it elsewhere and upload to Canva (Unsplash is a great image resource https://unsplash.com/)
  • Create and set your own business personalised brand colours to use throughout all your designs.
  • Share all your designs with your team so they have access to download, edit and replicate your designs.

Once you Canva, you won’t go back!
All in all, it’s a pretty great tool, and something we admit to using often for our design and content creation – even the odd sneaky birthday invitation of our kids upcoming party – when we’re feeling really creative.

Check it out if you get a chance.  Once you Canva, you won’t go back! 😉