Raise your hand if any of these resonate with you:


Your marketing feels disjointed, but you don’t know how to approach it in a way that’ll make a real difference.


You feel overwhelmed by all the marketing activities you think you ‘should’ be doing, but you struggle to fit marketing in at all.


You’re working with (or have worked with) a digital marketing agency, but you’re not sure what your hard earned money is achieving.


You’re not sure who to trust to get solid digital marketing help.

If your hand is in the air, we get it!

Over the years we’ve worked with many clients who’ve felt just like this. 

Because the truth is, digital marketing can leave the best of us feeling baffled.

And we know that finding the right digital marketing agency and team is important to you. 

It’s important to us that you find the right fit team, too.

 We’re right for you if:

You’re an established, growing business or an in house marketing manager, who wants their marketing efforts to be profitable.

You want a transparent and responsive digital marketing agency that feels like an extension of your team.

Want a down-to-earth team of digital marketing experts who treat you like a person, not a number.

Who are we?

We’re Daisy Digital Marketing – experts at honing in on the digital marketing and advertising solutions that’ll grow your business in the right direction.

At the top of our agency agenda? A mission to shift the perception that only the biggest brands can get access to the best digital marketing expertise.  #False

Mission number two? To put the people and businesses we work with at the centre of everything we do. We’re here to serve and take care of you, helping you to prosper and make money with tailored digital marketing support.

Meet the Team

Sarah Imeson

Sarah Imeson


Specialties: Marketing consulting and coaching, digital strategy and advertising. Nurturing clients.

Words our clients use to describe our savvy founder?
Intelligent. Gives a damn.
Goes above and beyond.

Yep, that all rings true.

Sarah’s been in the marketing game for oodles of years (like before Instagram was even a thing. 😲)
With a bachelor of communication studies under her belt, she sharpened her marketing skills working for big banks and global brands in New Zealand, Australia, and London, before settling in Matamata, NZ and opening the doors to Daisy Digital Marketing.
When she’s not helping clients to excel online by choosing the right digital marketing strategies for them, you’ll find her hanging with her family, recharging with exercise, and probably (definitely) compiling a sizable list of must-travel destinations to jet off to in the future. ✈️

Audrey Johnston

Audrey Johnston

Creative and graphic designer

Specialties: Creative direction,  brand and packaging design. Photography. Website design. Social media management.

Every day, Audrey lights the whole team up – and our clients too – with her fun and friendly personality.
Her inquisitive and empathetic nature means she loves getting to know all about our clients and their businesses so she can do her very best work and deliver creative solutions that truly reflect them.
Hailing from the USA with qualifications in advertising design, Audrey spent time working in agencies in the Big Apple, before meeting a Kiwi boy in Croatia and making it to our shores. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Lucky us!
When she’s not designing up a storm for our clients, she’s usually found in the great outdoors. Kayaking, swimming, and looking after her garden. 🌸

Tayla West

Tayla West

Marketing Strategist

Specialties: Marketing strategy and training, Google Ads management, website design and functionality.

Clients love Tayla. Why? Simply put, she knows her stuff, gets things done, and communicates exceptionally well. 👏
With a degree in strategic management and marketing, Tayla believes digital marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. She’s always looking deeper into our clients’ businesses to determine what will work best for them to drive conversions and maximise their results.
And did we mention she’s got this magical ability to take complex marketing speak and translate it into super simple, easy to understand terms?! She really does!
When she’s out of office Tayla spends time working on her house with her husband, being closely supervised by her golden retriever, Koda. 🐶

Eden Qualtrough

Eden Qualtrough

Marketing Assistant

Specialties: Social media marketing, content creation.

Our lovely Eden shoots way beyond her young years, and is a dab hand at creating social media content that shares incredible value with our clients’ audiences.
No matter what we put in front of Eden she picks it up with energy, enthusiasm, and ease. 🤩 It’s this ability to pick up new skills and knowledge that our clients love, because it makes working with Eden a total breeze.
On top of that, she’s got the whole work/study mix down pat. She’s currently studying for a degree in marketing and strategic management, while working part time with us.
A self-proclaimed ‘typical horse girl’, Eden loves being around and riding her horses. 🐴

Sarah-Louise van Uden

Account manager

Specialties: Project management, account management, client care, and operations.

What would we do without Sarah? She’s the one who keeps everything in order and ticking along nicely at Daisy Digital Marketing. She keeps us in line, and makes sure our clients are well looked after.
Like the rest of us, Sarah is constantly in awe of what our clients have accomplished 😱, and loves helping them to achieve even more through their digital marketing efforts.
With a degree in communication studies, Sarah worked in two of London’s biggest ad agencies before returning to New Zealand.
Outside of work, Sarah is at her happiest when she’s with her young family, soaking up the sun on the beach, having picnics, and enjoying music festivals. 🎵

Tracey Hazelwood

Social Media Advertising Manager

Specialties: Digital Advertising – Facebook and Instagram ads.

If there’s one person who gets excited about data, it’s our Tracey! 📈
The thing she delights in most is the data we can collect via social media advertising, and how we can use it to understand buyer behaviour, and make informed decisions that support business growth. Awesome, right?!
She especially lights up when our clients are doing well and she can see it in the data.
Tracey has a business degree in marketing and management and has worked with major retail centres and stores to manage traditional and digital marketing efforts.
At home, Tracey enjoys playing family Switch games, and taking her family on cool adventures. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Emma Poppelwell

Emma Poppelwell

Marketing Assistant

Specialties: Social media marketing, marketing strategy.

When it comes to being in the know with social media trends, Emma is one to watch! She’s the one we all turn to when we want to get a ‘what’s trending’ fix. 😎
She’s full of tips and tricks, which means when it comes to helping our clients she’s awesome at giving them guidance, encouraging them to try new things, and creating social media content that stops the scroll and gets people to engage.
Emma has a degree in communication studies and works with us part time.
When she’s not in the office, she’s a fan of heading to the beach and of capturing life’s little moments on camera. 📸

Let's work together!

Client Praise

“Sarah is fabulous. So friendly and easy to chat to, she goes the extra mile every time I go to her, and she has clear, concise explanations that even the least techy person can understand. The service is excellent quality, and everything runs more smoothly once Daisy Digital Marketing has done their work. Highly highly recommend!!”

-Bri, Moo and the Gang

We have recently worked with the amazing team at Daisy Digital to re-brand our business and fine tune our google ads campaigns. We found their, professionalism, friendliness, knowledge and expertise to be outstanding, from the first initial chat through to the creation of our wonderful new business branding, through to the informative assistance and education we needed to better understand Google marketing. We would not hesitate in recommending Daisy Digital, and we look forward to working with them further in the future.

-Sarah, Floral Smith

The team at Daisy Digital are the best. I have been working with Tayla and am over the moon happy with my new website. We are still doing finishing touches but even without those complete is soooo much better. She’s been super helpful and nothing has been too much trouble. Looking forward to working out the next step with advertising. Thankyou!

-Hannah, Little Giants Kids Store

Sarah has been so great to work with. The whole process of having our new website designed was seamless, efficient and exactly what we wanted. I would 100% recommended Daisy Digital and happily use Sarah’s services again (and continue to do so)

-Hannah, Easy As Is

The Team at Daisy Digital are magic. They take the stress and confusion out of managing our business marketing/SEO which gives us the time to focus on things that we are experts at. We would highly recommend!

-Jackson, Refill Nation

Thoroughly enjoy having Sarah and the team as part of my team. They get results and are always willing to listen to ideas. I really love working with them and highly recommend them.

-Hannah, Bear & Moo

I can’t recommend Sarah enough. She is amazing and so easy to work with and answers all my questions without making me feel silly for asking. She’s helped my sales grow hugely with all the work she has done and continues to do on my website.

-Bridget, Little Hugs Baby Boutique


We genuinely care about the businesses we work with. We care about doing really great work, providing a really great service, and seeing our clients prosper. 

It’s really that simple.


We’re skilled experts in what we do and stay up to date with the changing digital environment. 

We offer a holistic digital marketing approach that aligns your customers’ needs, with strategic attraction and engagement strategies.


Our clients trust us to be honest in a compassionate way.

We communicate transparently and with authenticity. We’ll never sell things that won’t generate returns for our clients, because we’re devoted to your success.


We have solutions for SME and bigger businesses.

We’re approachable, relatable, and friendly. And always do our best to communicate with clarity.

Plus! We actually answer our phone and respond to emails in a timely manner.

We're a cowboy-free zone...

What we don’t do


Set it and forget it digital campaigns.


Sell you services you really don’t need.


Keep ploughing your money into campaigns that aren’t getting you good returns.


Bamboozle you with marketing jargon that makes your brain hurt and leaves you no clearer than before.

What we do do


Carefully planned, meticulously monitored campaigns.


Only provide services that’ll truly make a difference.


We’ll be the first to tell you when something’s not working and we need to change your strategy.


Make it simple to understand what we’re doing, why it will help, and how to read results. All in a simple, clear way. Hooray!

SEO made simple!

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